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 "Build the Life you Love Through Tapping into your Superpowers" 

Agata Szczerbik
 Neuroscience & Transformation Coach
Al Ain, UAE

 “Holistic Approach towards Optimum Health"

Dr Madhumati Barki
Medical Director
Dubai, UAE

 "Overcome Mid-Life Crisis without Stress" 

Naveen Gurusiddaiah
Self Empowerment Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Enhance your Memory skills to see Magical Result" 

Sathya Jyothi 
Lifeskill & Memory Coach
Bangalore India

 "Connecting your Dots" 

Deepika Yadav
Educator & Trainer
Navi Mumbai, India

 "Change your MINDSET, Change Your LIFE"

Pradeep Shetty
Mindset Transformation Coach
Bangalore, India

"RAINBOW DIET ("Doctor, my child is really fussy about eating food!")" 

Dr. Nidhii Verrma
Paediatrician & Trainer
Navi Mumbai, India

 "What is Autism" 

Rajesh Rout
Relationship Coach
Bhubaneshwar, India

 "Healthy Living for Happiness in Life" 

Raaja Chokkalingham
Life Coach & Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "YOGA( Asthanga Form all about asanas and breathing Techniques )" 

Tasneem Bhopalwala
Yoga Trainer
Mumbai India

 "Dealing with Anxiety during current pandemic times to lead Happy & Healthy living" 

Megha Saini
Life Skill and EI trainer
Bangalore, India

 "Myths & Different tools to Heal Backpain Without Meds" 

Himanshu Gaikwad
Yoga Specialist
Nashik, India

"How to double your confidence and Self Esteem Even if You Feel Shy, Less Motivated & Constantly Worrying" 

Shivanand G
Life Coach
Bangalore, India

 "How to follow Satvik Lifestyle" 

Satvik Lifestyle Facilitator
Mysore, India

"Harmonial Parenting, Toddler Tarents Relationship" 

Padmasri Raghu
Bangalore, India


 "As Above, So Below:  Clearing your subconscious blocks to attract success and abundance"

Caridad Saenz
Gentle and Connected Living Coach
Dubai, UAE

 "Magical Manifestations using Law of attraction" 

Magical Manjula
LOA Life Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Life Transformation through Inner Healing" 

Sudhanshu Goswami
Life Transformation Coach

 "People Skills for Happy Life" 

D.Narendra Naik 
People Skill Coach
Bangalore India

 "Secrets of Meditation" 

Healer A Devaraj
Spiritual Hypnotherapist
Bangalore, India

 "Self Worth and the Magical Whispers of the Universe" 

Dr.Ira Bhatnagar
Personality Development Coach
Udaipur, India

 "Happiness based on Nicheren Buddhism" 

Uma  Ramesh
Life Skill Trainer
Chennai, India

 "Liberation of Stress Anxiety Depression" 

Anitha GM
 Spiritual Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Heal your Body and Diseases using powers of Subconscious mind" 

Aditya Doshi
Mind Power Expert
Mumbai, India

 "Karma ,Inner Child and Hooponopono" 

Dhruv Das Munshi
Wellness Mindset Coach
New Delhi, India


 "Upholding Self -Worth For Building Net Worth" 

Suchishmita Banerjee
Relationship Mentor
Gurgaon, India

 "Roadblocks in Building Empowering Relationship" 

Prof Dr. K.S.Gupta
Mind Reprogramming
Bangalore India

 "3 Key Elements For Building Beautiful Human Relationship" 

Rajiv Bangari
 Relationship Coach
New Delhi, India

 "Four Pillars of Harmonious  Relationships" 

Dr.Jyoti Maheshwari
Emotional Wellness Coach
Mumbai, India

 "Importance and effects of intimacy, love and care in relationship." 

Ina Singh
Mind & Parenting Coach
Ghaziabad, India

 "Magic of Self Love" 

Vaishali Sanganeria
Miracle Healer & Consciousness Coach
Kolkata, India

"Stress-Free Life, The Emotional Intelligence Way

Jaideep Shingari
Passionate Storyteller
Noida, India

 "Communication  …what it is not" 

Jayashree Harish
Life Coach
Bangalore India

 "Befriend Yourself to Befriend the World-On Being Mindful"

Usha Krishnan
Educationist & Life Coach
New Delhi, India

 "IKIGAI - Japanese Secret to Long & Happy Life" 

VSV Sudarshan
 Life Coach
Bhubaneshwar, India


 "Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn From Udemy Reject 9 Year Old"

Shaarav Bhatia
Digital Coach & Blogger
Sydney, Australia

 "Freelancing Life, Transforming Lives"

Gaurav Gurbaxani
Digital Marketing Evangelist
Pune, India

 "Trust Talk to lead a Digital Team" 

Shilpi Khandelwal
Soft Skill & Behavioural Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Learning to Lead" 

Bala Narasimhan
 Professional Development Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Inspirational Persuasion by Changing Mindset and Culture" 

Dinakar Murthy Krishna
doHow® Facilitator
Bangalore India

 "The Golden Circle" 

Aniket Amdekar
Professional Storyteller
Bangalore, India

 "Design Thinking for Leaders to Succeed in Uncertain times"

Shuchi  Aggarwal
Leadership & Design Thinking Coach
Delhi, India

 "Self-Actualized Leadership Development - The Peak Performance as a Leader"

Hitesh Chandel
Leadership Coach
New Delhi, India

 "Leadership for Corporate Professionals - Move Up the Corporate Ladder Fast-track"

Ashok Goyal
Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Creative Thinking" 

Manoj Shah
Creative Leadership
Mumbai India

 "Visible Vs Invisible Leaders" 

Kumar Gaurav
Abundance Coach
Pune, India

 "Leadership - a Kings Way" 

Dr.Chetan Darne
Dentist & Social Entrepreneur
Yavatmal, India

 "Success to Significance"

Divya Dsouza
EIT Specialist & NLP Master Practitioner
Mangalore, India

 "Creative Mindset"

Arun Subrahmanyam
Leadership Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "Topic Quantifying Leadership for Selection"

Mahesh Kulkarni
Leadership Coach
New Delhi, India


 "Knowing These 10 Secrets Will Change The Way You Approach The Stock Market Investing"

Shivendra Bhatia
Peaceful Weekend Investing Coach
Sydney, Australia

 "Double Your Wealth With Romantic Communication" 

Neha Gupta
Life Coach & NLP Practitioner
Gurgaon, India

 "5 Secrets about Share Markets which nobody tells You"

Wealth Advisor
Bangalore, India

 "Bridge your life and Money " 

Girish Khandelwal
Personal Financial Coach
Chennai, India

 "Five Basic Steps to Personal Finance

Ashish Kumar Barnwal
 Keynote Speaker & Mentor
Bangalore, India

 "Law of Attraction" 

Dr.Sridharan KV
Transformational Coach
Chennai, India

 "Golden Triangle of Prosperity"

Sunil Kumar Gupta
Prosperity Mentor
Gurgaon, India

 "Legacy building using affiliate marketing" 

Vijay Sujanani
Affiliate Coach
Hyderabad, India

 "How to build Digital Empire through Content Creation"

Digital Mitthyl
Digital Content Coach
Mumbai, India


 "Helping Successful people find peace, purpose and passion"

Kalpesh Patel 
Enlightened Entrepreneur
London, UK

 "Network Our Way to Success"

Rubina Ali  Khan 
Founder HiFi Network Hub
Singapore & India

 "How to Launch Successful & Sustainable Startups in 5 weeks ?" 

Khussaal Jain
Startup Specialist
Bangalore, India

"Introduction To Business Proccess Enhancement By Adopting Lean Principles"

Chandar Shekharr
 The Catalyst
Bangalore, India

 "Discover the Power of 90 Days Plan in getting things done? Easily, Efficiently, Effectively !"

Suresh Babu S
Business Coach & Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "6 Key Reasons Why Digital Marketing Strategy To Be Part Of Business Growth in 2021"

Milind Joshi
Digital Growth Hacker
Pune, India

 "Supercharge Your Sales in 6 Simple Steps"

S Swaraj
PreSales Innovation Growth Strategist
Bangalore, India

 "How to convert your Experience, Knowledge & Wisdom into digital assets"

Shreedhar Kaaranji
Breakthrough Business Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Double your sales triple your profit" 

 Yathiraj Agarwal
Profit Engineering Trainer
Jaipur, India

 "3 Vital Questions"

Praantik Panigrahi 
PsychoGeometric Trainer
Pune, India

"Holistic Success Mindset for Entrepreneurs"

Ravinder Singh
Holistic Success Coach
New Delhi, India

 "How to Launch your Book in 21 Days"

Vishwwa Mohan 
Book Publishing Coach
Delhi, India

 "How to build Brands" 

Kiran Kumar
Brand Consultant
Bangalore, India

 "Homemaker can start earning without investment using smartphone"

Somvir Singh 
Solopreneur Coach
Dehradun, India

 "Fan the Dying Flame"

Vanya Grant 
Confidence Coach
Chennai, India

 "Ensuring Quality in Business Management & Certifications"

Vikas Verma
Business Consultant
Bangalore, India

 "Re-ideating Business for Solopreneurs in 2021"

Saakshi Choithani
Professional Growth Hacker  Coach
Mumbai, India

 "The Art of Project Management - A commonsense approach" 

Chandran Ramaswamy
Process Consultant & Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "Role of trainers as transformational agents" 

Dr.Shivakumar K
Business Mentor
Bangalore, India

 "Business Communication in times of Lockdown and pandemic"

Reena Mathu 
 Communication Specialist
Mumbai, India

 "Business for Non- Business People"

Anthony George 
Life Skill Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "Leading  with 20/20  Vision"

Suma Rao 
Startup Consultant
Bangalore, India

Transformation of 100,000+ People !!

Access to Online Live Session of 75+ Speakers

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.