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Dr.Venugopal Reddiar
Life Coach
Mission, Kansas, USA

 "Do's & Don'ts for your Miracle Body - Life without Medicine"

Komma Siva Gangeswara Rao
Automobile Engineer, Wellness Enthusiast
Sanjose, CA, USA

 "Aham Brahmasmi Be the Cosmic Channel" 

Quanto Shivo
 Founder - Quanto Life
Mumbai, India

 “Transforming  Feminine Masculine  Dynamics"

Mansi Bhagdeo
Co-Founder Quanto Life
San Marcos, CA, USA

 "Cultivate the Best Version of You"

Karishma Chhatrapati
Emotional Wellness Expert
Mumbai, India

 "9 Secret Steps to Live 100 Years Super Healthy Life?"

Dr.Rakesh Dashpute
Toxin Loss Expert
Bangalore, India

 "Embrace the RARE U" 

Deep Ahuja Sharma
ICF Master Certified Coach, Wholistic Wellbeing Coach
Gurgaon, India

"Transforming Negative Beliefs into Abundance Mindset "

Fatema Zavery
Transformational Coach; Healing, Mind and Body
Bangalore, India

"Stress as a Habit" 

Vineeta Chadda
Alternative Healing Therapist and Counsellor
Bangalore, India

 "Self-Care For Self-Empowerment"

Sreelatha Manda
Circle Of Life Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner
Hyderabad, India

 "Managing Emotions and Scripts to Create the Life You Want"

Dr.Shabina Hussain
Psychotherapist & Counselor
Nagpur, India

 "Awareness of Yoga" 

Rekha Sapte
Yoga Teacher
Mumbai, India


Mahendiran Periyasamy
International Abundance & Executive Coach
Washington DC Metro, USA

"Weight Reduction without Exercise"

C Kamal Kannan
Weight Loss & Anti-aging Coach
Bangalore, India

"How NLP can be used for Self Transformation"

Dr.Sumeet Sharma
Advanced NLP Transformation Therapist
Bangalore, India


Prof. (Dr.) Jagdish Khatri
Life Coach
Zirakpur, India

 "Art of Mind Management"

Shyam Kumar
Founder Inner Truth
Bangalore, India

"The Best Self Defense Instrument Protector" (Hindi)

Mayank M Rajyaguru
Grand Master, Martial Arts
Vadodara, India

"Trust in Life Brings Empowerment"

Nitika Sethi
Empowerment Coach
Gurgaon, India

"Reiki Healing Transforms Lives - Start With Healing Yourself First" (Hindi)

Dr. Sakha Pahwa
Reiki Grand Master 
Ujjain, India


Magical Monika
Commando Guru
Delhi, India

"Engineering Meditation - Myths Busted"

Anjana Baliga
Mental Health Counselor, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist
Ghaziabad, India

"Essence of Life"

Sathya Jyothi
Life Coach & Trainer
Bangalore, India

"Lead Self"

Shalini Srivastava
Life and Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

"Secrets of Mindfulness in Daily Life"

Priti Puri Agrawal
Mindfulness Trainer and Life Transformation Coach
Pune, India

"Woes of Women"

Laxmi Raju
Bangalore, India

"5 STRATEGIES of a NON-MEDIC on Preventing Infections & Improving AIR Quality around YOU!"

Yogesh K Wadhwani
Technical Consultant & Coach
Gurgaon, India

"Importance of Digital Detox"

Vijay Prabudevan
ERP Consultant 
Bangalore, India

"NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming"

Parag Dahiwele
NLP Lead Trainer
Nagpur, India

"Time and Work in Life"

Ram Mohan Namile
Hyderabad, India

"Unleash your Life & Mind power"

Acharya A Ragu Ramallingam 
Life & Mind Power Transformer
Chennai, India

"Introduction to Indian Flavour of Human Design"

Gaurav Shewale 
Human Design Coach
Nashik, India

"Learn Weight Management without Exercise"

Miithyl Dave 
Digital Coach
Mumbai, India


 "Become a Warrior@Workplace: Learn the Softskills required to be a Leader in the Team. Increase Networth and Visibility"

Shilpi Khandelwal
Certified Transition and Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Upholding Self-Worth For Building Net Worth"

Suchismita Banerjee
Self-Worth Mentor
Delhi, India

 "Emotional Mastery for Personal and Professional Success"

Divya Dsouza
Life & Business Transformation Catalyst
Mangalore, India

"Personal Branding for Career Success"

Seema Sahay
 Career and Communications Coach
New Delhi, India

 "How to Attract your Dream Job"

Brenda Mendes
Job Search & Interview Strategist
Mumbai, India

"Incredible Women - Discover your Focus"

Uzma Khan
Peak Performance and Success Coach
Mumbai, India

"How to Attain Transformational Leadership"

Raaja Chokalingham S R
Author & Transformational Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

"Quality of Your Relationship Decides the Quality of Your Life"

Budh Thrivikrama J
Relationship Architect
Bangalore, India

 " How To Achieve DEBT-FREEDOM Using L.A.Z.Y Framework" (Hindi)

Mahesh V Kathiravan
Debt Freedom Coach
Mumbai, India

"How to Train Your Mind to Achieve Your Corporate Career Goals"

Dhritiman Chakraborty
Author & Executive Coach
Navi Mumbai, India

 "WHY WE DO, WHAT WE DO" (Hindi)

Harjit Singh Bamrah
Life Coach, Trainer and Business Consultant
Mumbai, India

"Quantifying Leadership : All about Officer Selection"

Group captain Mahesh kulkarni
Leadership Coach
Pune, India

 "How to improve your search ranking on Google using LinkedIn"

Bhavana Govil
 LinkedIn Consultant & Global Talent Acquisition Lead
Aligarh, India

 "Transformational Coaching: How to Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs"

Roshmi Roy
Transformational Coach
Mumbai, India

 "Awesome Secrets to unlock your Parenting Potential"

Nayan Rath
Life Coach
Mumbai, India

 "DMIT -Inborn Talent And Multiple Intelligence Of Child" (Hindi)

Shweta Uupadhye
Parenting Counselor and Mentor
Murgud, India

 "Relationships & Love Languages"

Jyoti Yogi
Life Coach
Jaipur, India

 "Networking versus Relationships"

Ayaz Zanzeria
 Business Consultant
Bangalore, India


SrinivasKumar Yerrapothu
Mentor for Total Transformation
Chennai, India

 "Learn Multiskilling for Enhancing Employability"

Dr. CKB Nair
Professional Development Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Embrace AI and use it to Your Benefit"

Jerry Kurian
AI Strategy Consultant
Bangalore, India

 "Vocabulary Building in the Digital Age: Adapting to the Changing Landscape of Language Learning"

Vivek Kumar
Vocabulary Coach
Ranchi, India


 "Helping Successful people find peace, purpose and passion"

Kalpesh Patel 
Enlightened Entrepreneur
London, UK

"Learn How to Develop Your Confidence & Personal Branding"

Su Patel
 Confidence and Career Coach
London, UK

 "What Stock Market Investors 𝗠𝗨𝗦𝗧 consider before investing in stock"

Shivendra Bhatia
Peaceful Weekend Investing Coach
Sydney, Australia

 "How to Launch Successful & Sustainable Startups in 5 weeks ?" 

Khussaal Jain
Startup Specialist
Bangalore, India

"Team Building in Industry - Method and Necessity"

Chandar Shekharr
 The Catalyst
Bangalore, India

 "10X Productivity Made Easy in 90 Days"

Suresh Babu S
Business Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Network Our Way to Success"

Rubina Siddique Ali Khan
Business Consultant Entrepreneur
Singapore & India

 "Transform from Scarcity to Prosperity by avoiding Top 7 Investing Mistakes"

Sunil Gupta
Prosperity Investment Mentor
Gurgaon, India

"Grow business with WhatsApp & Business Automation"

Mahesh Hasarmani
Business Growth Consultant
Pune, India

"How to start Earning without any capital investment/ risk/ boss/ laptop/ internet, in 2023 Even if you are broke or Starting a second innings"

Dr.Amit Nath 
Business Mentor
Bangalore, India

 "How to Use LinkedIn for Business in 2023: A Simple Guide"

GS Kumar
Corporate LinkedIn Trainer & Job Search Trainer
Bangalore, India

 "How to Launch your Training Programs Online using AI"

Nelson Sathya 
Social Media Business Coach & Consultant
Chennai, India

"Learn the Secrets to Customer Success"

Kamini Bhasin 
Customer Relationship Coach
Bangalore, India

"Learn the Secrets to vibrate at Money Frequency to Elevate Income to 2x"

Dr. MK Shivani 
Life Coach
Pune, India

"The Power of Vision to Increase Employee Engagement and Performance"

Roland Ngole 
Multiple Award-Winning International Speaker
Frankfurt, Germany

 "Business Success Through Sucession Planning"

Kshitij Johri
Business Succession Coach
Mumbai, India

 "To Educate on Hybrid Model Concept of affordable Homes by using Eco Friendly Products"

Arunkumar Jayadevaiah
Business Consultant
Bangalore, India

"Beyond Limits - The Next Level Warrior"

Dr.Ainain Shahad 
Breakthrough Enthusiast
Navi Mumbai, India

Transformation of 100,000+ People !!

Access to Online Live Session of 60+ Speakers

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.