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 "Astrology for Conscious People

Quanto Shivo
 Founder - Quanto Life
Mumbai, India

 “Astrology for Conscious People"

Mansi Bhagdeo
Co-Founder Quanto Life
San Marcos, CA, USA

 "How to prevent and cure Lifestyle Disorders"

Komma Siva Gangeswara Rao
Wellness Enthusiast
Chennai India

 "Infusing "Consciousness in Primary Education (CPE)" for Guaranteed Satyug!

Amit Aggarwal
Pranic Healer, Spiritual Life Coach
Delhi, India

 "Importance of Meditation"

Nitika Sethi
Empowerment Coach

Gurgaon, India

 "Dual Tracks: Thriving in the Crossroads of Career and Passion"

Dr Rajitha Vanga
Life Coach
Salem, TN, India

 "'Scientific Wonders of Music Therapy' for Health & Wellness

Dr. Ankita Bhetiwal
Health & Wellness 
Pune, India

"Enhancing Relationships with EFT"

Fatema Zavery
EFT Trainer
Bangalore, India

"Conscious Energy Mastery

Sri Maitreya Rudrabhayananda (Sri AMaRa ji)
Conscious Energy Transformation Guru
Delhi, India

 "You And Your Mind With Yoga"

Himanshu Gaikwad
Health Transformation Specialist
Nashik, India

 "Upgrade yourself to your 2.0 Version"

Garima Dixit Sinha
Personal Transformation & Wellness Coach
Gurgaon, India

 "THE POWER OF THE MIND” - Our mind is the most powerful entity in the world

Suman Sirohia
Life Coach
Mumbai, India


Prof. (Dr.) Jagdish Khatri
Life Coach
Zirakpur, India

 "Learn Chakra and Healing"

Arya Bharti Sinha
Life Coach
Pune, India

"Yoga Therapy for Pain Relief"

Kavita Rohilla
Yoga Therapist
Sonipat, India

"Life Transformation Through Self Investment"

Jyoti Iyer
Life Coach and Chartered Accountant
Chennai, India

"Build Resilience and Thrive in life with Simple NLP Formula - 3A's"

Kamal Chandran
Life Coach
Mumbai, India

"Empowering Parents for Building Futures"

Nayan Rath
Life Coach & Author
Mumbai, India


Magical Monika
Commando Guru
Delhi, India

"Ageing Gracefully"

Raakkhee Singhi
International Health Coach - Craving Care Expert
Chennai, India

"Garbha Sanjeevini (the art of parenting)" (Hindi)

Nalina Ashwath
Coach of Garbha Sanjeevini 
Tumkur, Karnataka, India

"How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Mindset"

Roshmi Roy
Transformational Coach
Mumbai, India

"Learn Pyramid Meditation"

Lakshmi Venkat
Life Coach
Mysuru, India

"The path of NONDOING"

Hareesh Kumar AB
Certified Yoga Teacher & Life Coach
Arsikere, Karnataka, India


Consultant & Trainer
Bangalore, India


"Explore 3 Mind-Bending Strategies to Unlock the Hidden Genius Within You!"

Shilpi Khandelwal
Certified Transition and Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Upholding Self-Worth For Building Net Worth"

Suchismita Banerjee
Self-Worth Mentor
Delhi, India

 "Emotional Mastery for Personal and Professional Success"

Divya Dsouza
Life & Business Transformation Catalyst
Mangalore, India

 "How to Attract your Dream Job"

Brenda Mendes
Career Coach
Mumbai, India

"Your Finger Prints - Mirror of Your Life"

Dr Manisha Jain
 Emotional Detox - Life Coach and Therapist
Bhopal, MP, India

"Benefits of Understanding Proxemics in Leading a Better Life"

Reena Mathu
Life Coach
Mumbai, India

"How to Attain Transformational Leadership"

Raaja Chokalingham S R
Author & Transformational Leadership Coach
Bangalore, India

"Miind Mirror DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test"

Shweta Uupadhye
Career & Parenting Coach
Kolhapur, India

"Homemaker to Moneymaker - Unleashing the Hidden Talents and Economic Potential of Women!"

Bhavana Govil
Global LinkedIn & Motivational  Coach
Aligarh, India


 "Change vs Transformation... Impact Yourself to Impact the World"

Kalpesh Patel 
Enlightened Entrepreneur
Dubai, UAE

"Learn How to Develop Your Confidence & Personal Branding"

Su Patel
 Confidence and Career Coach
London, UK

 "How to Launch Successful & Sustainable Startups in 5 weeks ?" 

Khussaal Jain
Startup Specialist
Bangalore, India

"Team Building in Industry - Method and Necessity"

Chandar Shekharr
 The Catalyst
Bangalore, India

 "Why do Coaches Struggle & Fail and ways to Start Profitable Funnel"

Somvir Singh
Digital Coach & Funnel Expert
Dehradun, India

"Excellence in Execution" Navigating the AI Revolution with SMARTER Leadership

Suresh Babu S
Business Coach
Bangalore, India

 "Transform from Scarcity to Prosperity by avoiding Top 7 Investing Mistakes"

Sunil Gupta
Prosperity Investment Mentor
Gurgaon, India

"Is Financial Stress Killing You?" (Hindi)

Nisha Agrawal
Wealth Coach
Rishikesh, India

Transformation of 100,000+ People !!

Access to Online Live Session of 50+ Speakers

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.